Truth About Abs Update

I recently ran into an old friend and didn’t recognize her at first. The last time I saw her she weighed about 60 pounds heavier. I asked her how she was doing and then the most obvious question: “You look fantastic! How did you lose all that weight?”

She laughed and then proceeded to tell me we have all been sold a bunch of malarky about losing weight. Apparently, many of the foods touted as “healthy” like tofu and whole grains, are actually “fat fertilizers” (as Mike Geary calls them.) My friend told me she simply stopped consuming all of those calories and fat-producing carbs and instead, began eating the right foods that burn fat and therefore provide energy.

She said not only does she have the energy of a much-younger person now, the additional benefit was the quick fat loss, especially off of her waistline and hips. Another key to her success, she advised me, was to resist any temptation to splurge on sweets. “Sugar is addictive,” she stated and I could not agree more. I’ve been a sugar “addict” my entire life, I replied. And the irony has been of late: the more tired I feel, the more sugar I eat. So it’s just a vicious cycle I haven’t been able to stop.

My friend then suggested I check out an article that was the key to her fat loss success. I ran home and read it. I want to share it with you now. It just makes a lot of sense. It was as if the article was written about my situation. I followed up on the article’s suggestion and I’m here to tell you now:

I am off sugar entirely! And I’ve made very simple and quick changes to my work-out: one of the best changes is I no longer punish myself trying to do a ton of sit-ups and crunches every day. What a relief that is! And guess what? In only one week, I’ve already dropped five pounds. Yes, that’s right. Five pounds!  I can’t tell you how excited I am to finally see some results.

I think the best thing is, however, that I’m already noticing an increase in my energy. I can think better, too.

I want to share the link with you, so you can check it out for yourself. Here it is to Copy and Paste into your browser:

or Just click here: <a href=”″&gt; Truth About Abs Article</a>

Get the latest information to help you easily start your New Year’s resolution to lose weight. Don’t let another day, yet another year go by without attaining your weight loss goal. Read this article now and get started today.

To Better Health and Fitness,

Jennifer Forest


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