Finally: Quick Easy Fat Loss!

How many times have you started a diet..maybe lost some weight…only to eventually go off the diet and to your horror: not only regain the weight you lost – but you added on a few more pounds, to make matters worse?

Well, you’ve got plenty of company, believe me. So I’ve been researching most of the popular programs and trendy diets and I think I’ve finally found THE Solution: “Fat Loss For Idiots”. Granted, some people may find the title objectionable, even offensive. But after reviewing all of the materials and the details of this plan, I truly believe the title is meant to makes us laugh at ourselves, admit we could use some guidance and finally achieve our health and weight goals.

“Fat Loss For Idiots” teaches you the 10 “Idiot-Proof” rules of dieting and fat loss and state you will lose 9 lbs in 11 days. Sounds good to me! I miss wearing my (smaller-sized jeans).

I think we can all agree on the main points:

* Low fat foods don’t work: After 15 years, Americans are fatter than ever.

* Low calorie diets don’t work: They slow down your metabolism.

* Low carb plans don’t work: They’re too strict and too hard to follow for the average person. They also rob you of energy.

* What about Weight Watchers and Jenny Craig? The program states you’ll lose 2-3 lbs a week at most, and some programs involve buying their foods and supplements. Some people like it. Others want faster weight loss and prepare their own foods.

Why are we fat and what can we do about it? “Fat Loss For Idiots” answers these and many other questions.  For example, they state we eat the wrong foods, the wrong types of calories, and wrong patterns each day. They base their “diet System” on science. The roles of two specific hormones are discussed and how “calorie shifting” can “confuse” the brain and actually induce the release of the fat-burning hormones to accelerate weight loss. There is a specific way to do this correclt and the “Fat Loss For Idiots” system offers a downloadable “online diet generator” so you can start losing weight TODAY!

The author also emphasizes that the “Main Reason people don’t lose weight is due to their “Endless Procrastination”. Why wait to be healthy? You could be slimmer, sexier, and feel great by this time next week!

Don’t put off your health. Start NOW, while you’re here thinking about it, and CLICK Here for all of the exciting details:

To Your Health and Massive Success,

Jennifer Forest