Truth About Abs Update

I recently ran into an old friend and didn’t recognize her at first. The last time I saw her she weighed about 60 pounds heavier. I asked her how she was doing and then the most obvious question: “You look fantastic! How did you lose all that weight?”

She laughed and then proceeded to tell me we have all been sold a bunch of malarky about losing weight. Apparently, many of the foods touted as “healthy” like tofu and whole grains, are actually “fat fertilizers” (as Mike Geary calls them.) My friend told me she simply stopped consuming all of those calories and fat-producing carbs and instead, began eating the right foods that burn fat and therefore provide energy.

She said not only does she have the energy of a much-younger person now, the additional benefit was the quick fat loss, especially off of her waistline and hips. Another key to her success, she advised me, was to resist any temptation to splurge on sweets. “Sugar is addictive,” she stated and I could not agree more. I’ve been a sugar “addict” my entire life, I replied. And the irony has been of late: the more tired I feel, the more sugar I eat. So it’s just a vicious cycle I haven’t been able to stop.

My friend then suggested I check out an article that was the key to her fat loss success. I ran home and read it. I want to share it with you now. It just makes a lot of sense. It was as if the article was written about my situation. I followed up on the article’s suggestion and I’m here to tell you now:

I am off sugar entirely! And I’ve made very simple and quick changes to my work-out: one of the best changes is I no longer punish myself trying to do a ton of sit-ups and crunches every day. What a relief that is! And guess what? In only one week, I’ve already dropped five pounds. Yes, that’s right. Five pounds!  I can’t tell you how excited I am to finally see some results.

I think the best thing is, however, that I’m already noticing an increase in my energy. I can think better, too.

I want to share the link with you, so you can check it out for yourself. Here it is to Copy and Paste into your browser:

or Just click here: <a href=”″&gt; Truth About Abs Article</a>

Get the latest information to help you easily start your New Year’s resolution to lose weight. Don’t let another day, yet another year go by without attaining your weight loss goal. Read this article now and get started today.

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How To Lose Belly Fat Fast

Want to know how to lose belly fat fast? When surveyed, most Americans, regardless of age or gender, report they want to lose both stomach fat and lower belly fat. These are perceived as the places that most fat is deposited.
There are several reasons why most of us need to lose weight in our stomach and waist areas. We often feel stressed out by all the demands in our lives. Our diets are poor. We eat junk food on the run and we don’t get enough sleep. All of these conditions cause tremendous physiological and emotional stress. Stress causes the hormone cortisol to rise and this hormone triggers the body to deposit fat around our waists.

So the first part of the best way to lose weight is relax. Try meditating; deep breathing; stretching; taking time off – even for just 10-15 minutes from your daily demands.

Now we will focus on the primary objective for this article: How to lose stomach fat fast. You’re on the right track thinking abdominal crunches will help lose your belly fat but here’s a tip to get the most benefit from this exercise: Before you roll up into a crunch, pull your navel in toward your spine. Keep your abs sucked into your spine throughout the movement. This activates the obliques and you gain maximum benefit form the crunches.

Make sure your regimen includes working the lats (midback muscles). These muscle groups are important for twisting and bending. Do three sets of “double twists”: Sit on the floor with your knees bent and hands clasped just above thighs. Keeping your back straight, lean back slightly, tighten abs, lift feet off the floor, and balance. Rotate your upper body to the right, bringing your hands as close as possible to the floor, while dropping knees to the left side (twisting motion). Return to center and repeat. Do this 10 times to the left, then to the right side.

Single arm and leg exercises also strengthen the core muscles and are key to losing belly fat fast. A kneeling side kick is a great example. From a kneeling position,lean to the right andplace the right hand on the floor directly beneath the shoulder. Extend the left leg out to be parallel to the floor. Point your toes. Place your left hand behind your head. Contract your abs, bend the left leg and pull your left knee towards your chest. Then straighten out your left leg and repeat 15 – 20 reps. Switch arms and legs and repeat.

Lastly, add leg lift-type crunches to your regimen to lose belly fat fast. Try the :reverse crunch”. Lie down on the floor/exercise mat. Keeping your torso down, lift your legs. This targets your lower belly fat region, under which lie your rectus abdominus muscles. These crunches also simultaneously target your upper abs, so you’ll be blasting away the upper stomach fat, too.
Commit to doing this simple 15-20 minute exercise plan at least 3 times a week. Couple it with a low-calorie diet and better yet, add some fun cardio workout, like a walking program and watch the fat melt off of your entire body, in addition to losing belly fat.
We get only one body. Take good care of it and it will reward you with improved health, tons of energy to burn any fat away, and extend your lifespan.

Finally: Quick Easy Fat Loss!

How many times have you started a diet..maybe lost some weight…only to eventually go off the diet and to your horror: not only regain the weight you lost – but you added on a few more pounds, to make matters worse?

Well, you’ve got plenty of company, believe me. So I’ve been researching most of the popular programs and trendy diets and I think I’ve finally found THE Solution: “Fat Loss For Idiots”. Granted, some people may find the title objectionable, even offensive. But after reviewing all of the materials and the details of this plan, I truly believe the title is meant to makes us laugh at ourselves, admit we could use some guidance and finally achieve our health and weight goals.

“Fat Loss For Idiots” teaches you the 10 “Idiot-Proof” rules of dieting and fat loss and state you will lose 9 lbs in 11 days. Sounds good to me! I miss wearing my (smaller-sized jeans).

I think we can all agree on the main points:

* Low fat foods don’t work: After 15 years, Americans are fatter than ever.

* Low calorie diets don’t work: They slow down your metabolism.

* Low carb plans don’t work: They’re too strict and too hard to follow for the average person. They also rob you of energy.

* What about Weight Watchers and Jenny Craig? The program states you’ll lose 2-3 lbs a week at most, and some programs involve buying their foods and supplements. Some people like it. Others want faster weight loss and prepare their own foods.

Why are we fat and what can we do about it? “Fat Loss For Idiots” answers these and many other questions.  For example, they state we eat the wrong foods, the wrong types of calories, and wrong patterns each day. They base their “diet System” on science. The roles of two specific hormones are discussed and how “calorie shifting” can “confuse” the brain and actually induce the release of the fat-burning hormones to accelerate weight loss. There is a specific way to do this correclt and the “Fat Loss For Idiots” system offers a downloadable “online diet generator” so you can start losing weight TODAY!

The author also emphasizes that the “Main Reason people don’t lose weight is due to their “Endless Procrastination”. Why wait to be healthy? You could be slimmer, sexier, and feel great by this time next week!

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